Bar Accessories That Will Change The Way You Drink

Do you own a bar at home or own a bar where customers come in to have assorted cold drinks and a cocktail of different flavors? Here are some accessories that you will make you enjoy the way you drink and always drink the best way in grand style.

Speed Opener

This accessory is the most time called a bar blade. With this tool, you can easily open bottle crown corks. It is a pocket-size tool. It can be on your belt as a belt magnet. Funny enough, it can be hung on your zip string. Get your bottle corks open as soon as you can with this fast tool.

Wine Key

This accessory is a 3-in-1 tool – a corkscrew, a knife, and a crown cork opener. It is used to work a fast cut on seals on top of wine bottles. With the corkscrew, you can twist out the wine cork while the bottle opener is a general tool everyone knows about.

Mixing Glass

The mixing glass is an amazing bar accessory that is used to mix cocktails before pouring them into your guest’s cup. The mixing glass has a beautiful shape and a sprout to make it look more amazing. This is far better than a pint glass because it keeps aa drink chilled for a longer time. Your guest can enjoy watching you as their drink is being made in this lovely glass.


Maybe you are making your fresh cocktail; you would surely require some freshly blended juice in your mix. The juicer bar accessory, known as a citrus squeezer without any hassle, can be used to extract any fruit juice.

Absinthe Spoon

The absinthe spoon is a bar accessory that is used to dissolve sugar cubes in a cup of absinthe. After this, ice water is poured into the liquefied sugar to make it dissolve finally.


These are stick-like objects like matchsticks. However, it is one of the essential bar accessories needed in your bar. It is used for cocktail finishes. For instance, olive in a standard martini.there is different kinds of toothpicks such as a bamboo knot, plastic sword, and classic wood.

Foil Cutter

With a foil cutter, you can successfully open up a drink even if you are not in the bar. It is a quickie opener that can open bottles with a sharp squeeze and half turn, then lift off the foil. It is a neat accessory and can be used on cocks too.

Butler’s Friend Corkscrew

If you have a wine that has stayed long in your fridge, it may tend to be a bit difficult to open the cork. They would have become so dry, and this will make them fragile and hard to open. This tool is the right one for this kind of situation. All you need do is to insert its prongs between a bit into the cork and half the neck of the bottle. With this, the old cork will be removed without much stress.

Champagne Stopper

Whether it is wine or champagne you are serving your guest, the champagne stopper bar tool is very vital. As soon as the bottle is opened, the tool is used to cover tightly as a replacement for the original cork.

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Just as a chef will love to surround himself with the best of kitchen equipment or utensils, whether you are a bartender or have a parlor bar in your living room, proper bar accessories are the best for you. Get these tools, and several other essential bar accessories are not mentioned here; you can get the best bar accessories from online stores, preferably. Get your bar active today with your guest well entertained as they drink from a first-class bar.