Common Bathroom Problems Facing Homeowners

Regardless of how many bathrooms are in your home, chances are they are heavily used. Fixing problems in the bathroom can require a skill set you don’t have. However, a problem in the bathroom could result in bigger problems down the line if not corrected. Here are the most common bathroom problems homeowners face.


A persistent sewage smell could indicate a problem. Not to mention, bad smells can cause you embarrassment when guests are using the bathroom. Choose a handyman for your bathroom repair Portland OR. A handyman can locate the source of the bad smell whether it’s from a clogged drain, escaping sewer gas or mold. Once they find the source, they can also remedy the problem.


There are several drains in the bathroom. Most bathrooms have at least two with one in the shower or tub and one in the sink. Hair and other debris can cause the drain to clog or slow down. While drain removal products and hot water can remove some clogs, more extensive clogs require the use of specialty tools to remove. A drain snake or pipe removal may be required to effectively remove the clog.


Leaking faucets and shower heads can raise your monthly water bill if left unchecked. Not to mention, the longer time passes, the more chance other problems arise such as mold growth. There are times when the hardware just needs tightening and other times where the faucet or shower head needs full replacement to stop the leak. The fixtures have gaskets that break down over time and need replacement as well.


A plunger is a standard feature next to many toilets to unclog simple toilet clogs. Unfortunately, not all clogs can be solved with a plunger. You may need a drain snake to effectively remove the clog. In addition to clogs, toilets have some sort of flapper in the tank. A running toilet could indicate a problem with the flapper chain being stuck, not fully sealing or broken. Worn out parts need replacement to prevent constant running. A running toilet can cost a lot of money in excess water usage over time. Adjusting the arm or chain can sometimes fix the running. If not, full replacement is necessary.

Modern life wouldn’t be complete without the benefits of a functional bathroom. But with all the moving pieces in the bathroom, problems arise costing you money and inconvenience. When a problem is too much for you to solve, consider hiring a handyman to help narrow down the cause of the issue and repairing it.