How To Discover Your Personal Decor Style

Have you just moved into your first home? If it is unfurnished, you will face the issue of choosing the right decoration, which can actually be a lot harder than it seems. Everybody has their personal preferences when it comes to decorating, although you may not know what yours are yet. The best way to find out is by establishing what your personal style is and how you can reflect this through your decor.

To help you discover your decor style, you should take a look at these tips which will allow you to create your dream home.

Set up a mood board

To start your decor planning, you should create a mood board by using a cork board, pins, and some magazine cut-outs. You can hang it anywhere in your home and add anything you want each day, which will allow you to visualise your design ideas and start looking around. For example, you might see a sofa you love in a high-end magazine, and although you may not think this is out of your budget, you will definitely be able to find a cheaper alternative.

Instead of using an actual mood board, you could use Pinterest, which will offer you a lot more design options, as there are thousands of decor ideas, so you’re guaranteed to find something you love. You can set up multiple Pinterest boards for different rooms in your home or even separate them into colour schemes, which will allow you to visualise your dream home.

Get professional inspiration

Another great way to get design ideas is by looking at existing designs, which could include anything from well-known interior designers to stylish developments. This will ensure that you’re taking inspiration from expert designs, which will make your home look just as luxurious. You could even seek professional help from a seasoned interior designer, although this may be costly so make sure you ask for a quote and assess your finances before letting them loose on your home.

If you’re currently living in an apartment, you may find it more difficult to decorate due to limited space. However, professionals like RW Invest have several properties that prove apartments can look even better than your typical home. From top of the range kitchen fittings to luxurious bedroom decor, you are guaranteed to find inspiration in their Liverpool and Manchester-based developments.

Take a style quiz

One of the most popular ways to establish your style is by taking an online quiz, which will help you figure out your preferences by simply showing you pictures or asking some really simple questions. This is surprisingly effective, as more than likely you already know your style, it just takes a little push to establish what you like.

Some quizzes are more detailed than others, for example, some websites will ask specific questions related to certain rooms in your home, which may be more beneficial. Others simply show you pictures and ask you to choose which one you like which may work for you if you see something that you love.