Top Sliding Doors & Window’s Ideas for Australian Homes

The quintessential sliding door dates back to the 1990s when it first became popular. People found all kind of installations for their sliding doors for homes and commercial establishments.

Some great things about these doors is the space they save, the cool opening and closing mechanism and the amount of light they let in.

Today, they do a lot more than that owing to the gorgeous designs and benefits such as heat resistance, noise reduction and advanced security.

We’ve covered some latest top sliding doors ideas keeping in mind the needs of Australians and our environmental conditions.

Here they are:

Single- or Double-Glazed Glass Sliding Doors

When looking for the right sliding doors, this is a good place to start – with the glaze. As the name suggests, single glaze refers to a single sheet of glass. The double glaze, on the other hand, has two sheets of glass stuck together with a vacuum, insulating layer in between.

Though double glaze sounds safer and more effective, there are some pretty high-grade single glaze ones available these days so consider both kinds when deciding.

Thermally Broken Framed Sliding Doors

The term thermally broken refers to frame of these kind of doors which plays as vital a role as the glass itself. This is due to the reinforced metal strip fitted between the outer part and inner part of the aluminium frame. If you wish to raise to energy efficiency of your home or office, thermally broken frames on your sliding doors will do it for you.

They restrict the transfer of heat and cold while also protecting from harmful UV rays and corrosion from the ocean salt.

Bushfire Resistant Sliding Doors

If you’re living out near the bush areas, it’s a good idea to check out some bushfire resistant sliding doors for your home. The glass on these doors is strictly double glazed with Law e and obscure glass options. Low e glass is covered with a thin see-through layer that blocks heat while the obscure variety is for privacy and include the frosted, tinted or painted kind.

Ideally bushfire resistant sliding doors should adhere to the BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) of 40 as a solid and safe option.

Noise Proof Sliding Doors

Though most doors block out sound, those with Rw45 sound reduction are able to almost completely shut it out. Whether your home is near an airport, a busy street or even noisy neighbours, double glaze noise proof sliding doors are the best option and also window replacements in Melbourne.

They are also thermally insulated with multiple seals to help block even more sound.

So, depending on where you live and your lifestyle needs, you may choose between a single or double glaze, 2, 3 or 4 doored set-ups, and even the kind of protection you require.

Sliding doors are here to stay and will never really go out of style. They’ll just keep evolving into better models each year, adapting to our needs and design styles. Is it time you updated yours?