When It’s Alteration Time It is Time to Talk About Doors

When performing alteration on a house or a room, people tend to focus on a lot of things. The layout, the floor, the lighting and a whole range of other considerations. But very seldom is there much conversation about the doors. Yet doors are such integral parts of a room – after all they are how you enter and exit the room and you cannot be in a room without going through a door. Yet despite this not much attention is paid to the door. So perhaps next time you want to perform an alteration it is a good idea to pay some consideration to the door – here are a few options that you might want to consider.

Almost like a window

A door does not need to be conventional in size. Many modern houses now make use of big glass folding doors that act as both windows and doors. In short when opened they allow complete access to the outside area, in essence taking away any separation between the outside entertainment area and the inside. And they are stylish. To find these aluminium bifold doors Adelaide shopping centres or retail parks are the place to look. Similar spots to purchase can also be found in Sydney or Brisbane or any major city. Talk to your designer and if the room you are working on has scope to include them, you could be onto a winning thing.

Old school stable

There is something very retro and cool about a stable door. The stable door is one that splits in half across the middle, meaning that you can keep the bottom closed while having the top open. Like the bifold doors above, these doors are also external doors and are unlikely to be used for internal access control. What they allow for is a way to bring fresh air into the house while at the same time keep dogs or other external critters out.

Get rid of it entirely

Just because the room comes with a door, doesn’t mean that it must stay there. Sure, the doorway or frame will remain, but it does not necessarily mean that it must house an actual door. This is especially important to remember in smaller internal rooms where an open door tends to take up a considerable amount of space. Getting rid of the door is especially logical if you live in a house by yourself – if that is the case you must ask, why do you need an internal door, unless of course it is for the bathroom.

Double door options

Things like security doors and screen doors are good things to factor into your plans when looking to make changes. Both are external facing solutions; the former is there to keep bad people out while the latter is there to keep insects and bugs away. Neither is fool proof, but both have the ability to bring a sense of peace with them as they are installed, somewhat obviously, to keep undesirable elements out. For the most part these doors are more functional than aesthetically pleasing, but they should definitely be part of your plans.