Why You Should Go for Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Have you ever thought about how your house value could increase just by having roof lanterns? Imagine having natural light flow freely into your home and you don’t have to use so much energy to light the place? When it comes to roof lanterns, the type of material used matters a lot and in this case, aluminium is the best and highly recommended material. The strength of aluminium allows for large spans, more slim area and glass area.

Continue reading this article and see why you should go for aluminium lanterns as opposed to any other

The strength of aluminium

When Aluminium is used to make roof lanterns, it becomes easy to fit some slender rafters and ridges. This is possible due to the material’s inherent strength. The result here is a sleek and contemporary appearance. The fitting also will allow for more glass, which means more light into your home. Therefore, with aluminium is perfect when you want to illuminate more areas in your home, unlike other materials.

Polyamide thermal breaks

Heat control in a home is one of the most important things that every house owner must consider. If your house is built without proper mechanisms in place to regulate heat, then it means you have to spend much more to warm or cool your home. Aluminium roof lanterns have polyamide thermal breaks whose purpose is to reduce the heat transfer. The heat inside the house is prevented from escaping the house and therefore you have a comfortable home at reduced bills. Without this, you have to install an HVAC, which can be quite costly to acquire, install and maintain, especially for big homes. Thus, aluminium helps you reduce the cost of heating and cooling your homes.

The anti-corrosive qualities of Aluminium

Most of the building materials are corrosive, beginning with iron, which is usually the common material when roofing and sometimes walling. Aluminium is built with anti-corrosive materials and therefore it doesn’t corrode. Remember, the metal is going to be exposed to the weather conditions, which are often times harsh. Any other material like uPVC could succumb to the bad weather effects but not aluminium. Therefore, with such roof lanterns, you can be sure of the durability even after many years of weather exposure.

Decades of high quality

A highly durable powder coating is used to finish the aluminium skylights and this means that it would last for many years without its quality being diminished. No other material allows for such coatings and therefore if you’re looking for roof lanterns that will have high quality for many years, then aluminium is the preferred option for you.

Compatible with any RAL color

Roof lanterns cover a significant area of the house and this means that your choice of color when finishing will determine how the whole building comes out. Luckily, aluminium is one material that can be used with a variety of colors. Its compatibility with any RAL color is a quality that is rare with other materials.

With aluminium lanterns, you’re sure of durability and high quality finish. Get a good lantern specialist who has enough experience in the industry and therefore will supply you with the best at a reasonable price.