5 Unique Selling Points of The Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3

There are a number of reasons that you should furnish your home interiors with the Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3, and if you’re still hesitating to go for it, then here are 5 of its unique selling points to get you motivated.

Easy maintenance of upholstery

The Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3 is extremely easy to maintain because it has been designed in a way that tolerates very little mess. Its upholstery can be easy cleaned by a simple vacuuming – even the dust can be sucked off by a simple whoosh. If you ever get a stain on the surface then you can easily remove it with the help of a homemade remedy that consists of a small amount (one tablespoon maximum) of mild, neutral detergent mixed in water. You can dab the stain with a clean microfiber cloth to remove the stain. However, you do need to invest in professional cleaning once in a while to maintain the integrity of your sofa.

Easy maintenance of the structure

The Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3 comes in three forms of tubular structures. These include simple, lacquered, or chrome plated metal. This is one of its most unique qualities and is extremely easy to maintain as well. You can do a quick clean up of the polished gloss or the matt chrome by using any available glass cleaner. Just make sure to use a soft, clean cloth and wipe the surface with it. Also remember not to use any solvents or aggressive cleaners or you’ll end up damaging the structure.

Extremely comfortable and cushy

The Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3 might be designed in the vein of modernism, but that doesn’t make it any less comfortable. Yes, it features an extremely sleek design, but its simplicity is complemented by an amazing comfort and relaxation. The plush padding on the inside covers makes for a downy surface to lean in and sit down on. It has no hard edges, so you can simply let yourself fall in its cozy embrace at any time.

Infinitely stylish

The Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3 is extremely stylish. Many people believe that being simple does not equate to being iconic, but the design of this sofa definitely proves them wrong. Not only is it extremely trendy, but it features a legendary design that consists of a tubular steel cage and largely unconnected plush cushions that lend it a disheveled look. It’ll definitely add a lot of charisma to your surroundings.

Extremely versatile

Both the physical and functional forms of the Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3 are as versatile as possible. First of all, its metal framing is the sturdiest that you’ll ever find and its plain aesthetic is able to complement any and all theme. It was designed in a modern-minimalist fashion so that it could easily integrate into its surroundings without becoming the center of attention. This unfettered elegance and grace has made it one of the best and most iconic pieces of furniture that you’ll ever come across.

So, these are some unique selling points of the Le Corbusier Sofa Lc3. As you can see, it’s a very distinct piece that has remained relevant over the decades and strives to present a timeless look even today.