Solar Panel Installation: The Absolute Essentials

With an increasing range of options in the solar energy industry making it readily available to both corporate and residential consumers, figuring out where to begin is one of many hassles for prospective patrons. Getting professionals to come and install the panels is actually the part where you can begin to relax and enjoy the savings while relishing in your self-sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to energy. This article will provide you tips on advancing your investments in solar energy, covering unanswered questions from who, how, and to where!

Measure your roof

First, (if possible) measure your roof and record the measurements for your future consultations with solar companies, along with checking the durability of your roof. This precautionary step will ensure future safety.

Be Local!

Try researching some local solar energy companies in your area. This equips you with the values of the company that in turn, reflects your sentiments. Familiarizing with your local solar companies will give you a better perspective on financing and budgeting as consultations provide you a gist of what your quote may entail. Investing in regional solar companies is a cost-efficient way opposed to having materials transported from somewhere further. Longer distances are typically prone to experiencing some sort of difficulty.

Does the company have subcontractors?

Solar companies may have subcontractors. Subcontractors performs the work for other companies (like a potential solar company you may fund) as a larger project. Contractors hire subcontractors and provides them with materials and if necessary, supply labor to complete the project. Be sure to inquire solar companies during your consultations to see the framework of the installation contract, as warrantees vary from company to company.

Aim for Tier 1 Panels

In a nutshell, Tier 1 solar panels are manufactured by companies that have been producing for a minimum of five years or more. Generally, these manufacturers are usually big-name companies such as Sony, Panasonic and LG. As you may imagine, these companies have a strong presence in stock exchanges, outstanding numbers from vertical integration, and invest heavily in marketing their brand. While these panels are claimed to be the best of quality, you ultimately decide with your solar energy consultant if you want to support these companies or remain local by supporting Tier 2 or 3 in smaller manufacturers.

What experience does the company have?

During your solar consultation, try inquiring about previous clients the company has served. Let them show you clients they have served before, both commercial and residential. This will tell you their level of competence and if they are the right match for the nature of your project.

Cost of Installation

The prospective solar company of your choice will give you a guideline to walk you through the process prior and after the installation. You may be worrying about spending a large sum of capital towards solar energy, but the panels will be saving you money in the long run. And fear not! Solar energy companies offer many budgeting options that can be tailored to meet your funding comfortably without leaving you destitute. You make initial deposits and installments along the permit and installation process. After everything is installed, you get to reap cheaper electricity expenses and solar incentives when you file your taxes!