Office eco: Cool Office Game Room Designs With Homey Features.

Sometimes, running after targets, working on deadlines, handling customer queries, or any other official work may turn out to be very stressful for your employees. At that time a break becomes a must. It’s time to hit the’ break room.’ In such situations, break room act as a place where your employees can take a break from work and relax. This would freshen up their minds. They would be ready to get back to their work that too with a calm and relaxed mind. Fresh and relax minds are more productive. Hence, think beyond a tea and wending coffee machine. Try to convert your boring and dull break room into a fun and cool office game room and show your employees that you care.

7 ideas for office game room

The very first thing that reflects the purpose of the room is its ambiance. You can start with the furniture. Replace those old tables and chairs with some modern and cool furniture. Try to keep the interior of the game room totally different from your working area. This would give the employees a feeling of entering a new and totally different place, as soon as they enter the room. Few other ideas that can help in transforming your break room into a cool office game room are discussed in this article.

Full-Size Arcade Machines

The idea of having an arcade machine in the office would itself bring a smile to your employees. With the increasing popularity of retro game parlors, finding a full-size arcade machine would not be that difficult. But, before purchasing a full-size arcade game cabinet, do check the availability of space. Just one game on these retro video games would make your employees all the stress and tension. So, if you have enough space, then do consider having those arcade machines in the office break room.

Beverages on Demand

Beverages are known to bring the stress level down. It also helps in lifting the mood. So having a counter for beverages is also a very good option. Moreover, there is no match for freshly made beverages. Limitless variety of well- designed beverage bar is available in the market. You can select one on the basis of your requirement and budget. One of the ways to increase the employee motivation level is to show them that you think about their physical and mental health.

Escape Room Puzzles

Escape room puzzles have become a new gaming trend all over the world. In this, players (strangers or friends) are locked in a room. To make the game more interested a danger element is placed in the room.

This danger can be anything like a model of a bomb, actor dresses as a vampire or zombie, etc. To escape the room, players need to solve a series of puzzles, challenges, etc. Besides being a brain teaser, this game also helps in building teamwork qualities among the players. So having escape room puzzles would serve a dual purpose, one for entertaining the employees and the other to build up qualities like leadership, teamwork, etc. among the employees.

Make Your Room Look Larger

While designing your office game room, make sure that it should be spacious. In case, there is a lack of space then look for designs which would make it look more spacious. With designing techniques such as innovative use of reflective surfaces, light colored flooring, and many more, a small room could be given an appearance of a much larger room.

Full Floor Games

Having full floor games is another way of making optimized utilization of the available space. You can devote a section of the room for floor games. These games would make the room more attractive. When not in use, this area can be covered with furniture. This will further help in saving space.

Add a Photo Wall Mural

You can even use a photo wall mural in the office room. These murals come in various patterns and designs. You may select one which reflects the theme of the room. Another major benefit of using photo murals is that they make a small room look larger.

Build Your Own Game Boards

To add a personal touch to the room, you can ask employees to make their own board games. This will give them a feeling of belongingness.

The office games room is becoming an integral part of modern workplaces. Employers understand that adding a fun room in the office area would be highly beneficial. As it not only helps in reducing employees stress but would also help in increasing their overall productivity.