The Expert Guide to Turning Your House into a Beautiful Home in 2019

You can always tell when someone has put their own design stamp on their property from the moment you arrive at the door and get invited inside and if you want to recreate that amazingly welcome and attractive vibe yourself, there are plenty of interior-designer inspired ideas you can try.

It is often the subtle touches that can make all the difference, such as putting a premium photo print on your wall that makes a stunning personal statement and turns your house into a home.

Here are some tips on what sort of design ideas and tricks you can use to transform your property into a gorgeous family home this year.

Pictures always add that personal touch

A great way of personalizing your home and making it feel warm and inviting is to share some happy memories and images with some carefully chosen pictures on the wall.

You can use all sorts of different frames and images to create a more eclectic feel but you also add a touch of style if you get some frames that are uniform in size and create a stunning gallery look on a feature wall.

You don’t have to spend fortunes on the frames to achieve a really homely and inviting feel when you showcase your memories.

Fashionable functionality

We all need storage options in our homes and creating enough space to store everything away can make a big difference in how smart and tidy your home looks.

There is a big trend for tidying this year and good storage options shouldn’t be an afterthought, as it is just as important in the overall design features of your home.

Also, just hiding everything away in cabinets is very practical but it can be a bit dull in design terms.

It is well worth spending some of your makeover budgets on buying some quirky and aesthetically pleasing storage options that allow you to put things away neatly but still deliver plenty of style at the same time.

Always a fresh feel with plants and flowers

Another classic interior design trick that should never be overlooked is the use of plants and flowers in your home.

Indoor plants are really on-trend at the moment and they serve a dual purpose of making the room look and feel more natural and inviting plus they have some health benefits too.

If you also consider investing in some lovely vases for your fresh flowers this will also help to breathe some vibrancy and color into your home.

Bring your living areas together

Wooden floors are attractive as well as practical and they can look beautiful in your home, but there is always the danger that you could give the room a slightly cold and empty feel to it with such a bare floor.

A great way of drawing your living areas together so that you get a more cozy feel is to use a good quality rug on the floor.

You might decide to opt for a really plush rug that feels beautifully luxurious and soft underfoot and it is also a good idea to pick out some colors for your rug that compliment your furniture and decor.

Good lighting options is a real must-have design option

The bottom line is that you really can’t expect to achieve your aim of making your home beautiful without the assistance of some well-chosen lighting options.

Good lighting is fundamental to the look and feel of each room and if you invest in a showpiece chandelier for your dining table, for example, you will soon see how transformational that purchasing decision is.

What you want is plenty of lighting options around your home so that you can change the mood when you want to make your residence look like a showhome at the same time.

Add some sophistication

Sometimes, you might feel that a room is lacking something in the way it looks despite your best efforts to transform it.

What can often make all the difference in a home where all the walls and ceilings don’t have any features is to install some crown molding.

Adding this different layer and dimension to the point where your walls meet the ceiling can create an air of sophistication in an instant. New homes, in particular, can suffer from a lack of character, which is why you might need to add some yourself with molding.

Don’t put design ahead of comfort

You obviously;y want to your home to have that designer look about it so that it is pleasing on the eye but it can be a big mistake to prioritize aesthetics for comfort.

You really want everyone using each room to feel at home and be comfortable and if your couch looks great but is awfully uncomfortable to spend any amount of time on it will soon be a source of frustration.

What you really want to do is to try and achieve a happy medium with your choice of furniture, especially seating.

If you can find a couch that you can sink into and feels really comfortable but also looks good, you should go for it as it will probably be a decision you don’t regret.

Work out the flow

Some homes allow you to glide from room to room effortlessly and they have a real flow to them.

That feeling is not something that usually happens by accident and designers tend to work hard on creating a layout that achieves that free-flowing feeling.

Strategic placement of your furniture is key and the room should not feel like an obstacle course. Try different layouts in the room with your furniture to find out which configuration creates that flowing vibe that is part of the strategy for turning your house into a home.

If you take the design lead from people who create beautiful homes for living their tips can give your home that professional makeover that will make the place feel truly special to you.