The History Of Chesterfield Armchair That Makes It The Ultimate Choice

When the name Chesterfield is mentioned, it invokes a sense of style, class, and sophistication that is not easy to derive using other furniture. It is not just any other piece of furniture, but a priceless history that people want to preserve in their spaces.

If you are looking for a stylish chair to install in your home or office, getting a leather Chesterfield armchair will demonstrate to visitors about your commitment to style. It is because of this sense of style that makes top hotels and offices always invest in chesterfield armchairs.

As others revitalize their spaces with this unique chair, do not be left behind. Here is a closer look at the Chesterfield chair history to help you understand the gem you will bring in the house.

The origin of the Chesterfield Armchair

Chesterfield is believed to have originated in the Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773) when it was commissioned by Lord Philip. The chair had characteristic deep buttons and quilted leather upholstery that impressed the lord. It was also admired by politicians and writers such as the Patron of Voltaire who was a known trendsetter.

Just before Lord Philip passed in 1773, he is remembered to have ordered his manservant to give a close friend a Chesterfield chair. Since then, Chesterfield chairs became common sites in royalties, hotels, and private homes.

The Contemporary Chesterfield Armchair

Once considered an item for the super-rich in the society, Chesterfield status now transcends class without losing its timeless style. Even as the armchair designs keep changing, its classic look works well with either the modern or traditional décor styles. Well, you can simply call it one of the furniture pieces that will never get out of style.

If you are looking for modern Chesterfield chair today, there are many options that allow you to capture its classic thrill but still re-imagine it to articulately match the modern home setting. There are plenty of modern Chesterfield Chair upholstery options to select from, ranging from antiqued leather to cosy wools and neutral linens. Besides, there are many designs to match your living space needs. For example, there are Chesterfield designs for people with small spaces as well as those with extensive living areas.

Why You Should Buy the Chesterfield Armchair

Even as new types of chairs enter the market, Chesterfield chair designs remain unrivalled. Therefore, if you are considering a unique piece that can help to change the style of your living space, here are some reasons why Chesterfield stands taller than all of them.

  • The Chesterfield chair has been tested and proven to work for decades. Since its discovery, Chesterfield chair has become the preferred option for high-end offices, hotels, and clubs. If it worked for most people in the past, you can also expect it to work for your situation.
  • Unlike other types of chairs, Chesterfield is available in different designs. This implies that you can select the option that matches well with your theme or personal preference.
  • The sleek outlook of the Chesterfield chairs makes them to easily fit even when space is limited. For example, a tufted Chesterfield chair can easily fit in one corner of the bedroom to make a stylish reading space.
  • Chesterfield armchair allows you to try with multiple themes. This means that you do not have to dispose of the chair when working on a new theme. Simply rethink the thematic components of other décor elements and the Chesterfield chair will articulately match with them.

When you decide to revitalize your living space, the Chesterfield chair acts as a reliable lever because it is easy to match with other décor considerations. Do not simply go for any chair on the market for your living space; go for the tested and proven modern Chesterfield chair.