Top Glass Coffee Table Styling and Decoration Ideas for 2019

Glass coffee tables are trending interior decorations that can be added either in your home or office.

For most people in the modern world, they have found the need to add stylish and unique coffee table designs to make their living rooms or office waiting rooms elegant. There is a wide variety of glass coffee tables that can be bought and added to your home’s interior décor to improve the entire look.

The choice of the glass coffee table design is dependent on the needs of the home or office owner. Due to the creativity and innovativeness of designers, there are many designs of glass coffee tables that are available in the market for home and office owners to explore. You may be in need of upgrading your office or home’s glass table, but you do not have sufficient information to guide you. This article is dedicated to providing you with information about the top glass table styling and decoration ideas that you can embrace in 2019 to transform your working and living space. To find out more about Glass Coffee Table Styling and Decoration Ideas please read on to the end of the article.

Round coffee table with angled wood legs

Round glass coffee tables are common in most modern homes and offices. They are placed in waiting rooms, common rooms, and the home’s living room. The design is made up of a round glass table top that is mounted on angled wooden legs. The legs are fixed in an architectural shape that is attractive and authentic. The glass top used to make the table is clear so that the structural appearance of the wooden legs is visible. The legs of this design of glass coffee tables are made from hardwood and furnished to look classy and sleek. Ideally, the legs should be spread out to provide sufficient stability to the glass top. The glass table top should be tightly and carefully fastened on the wooden legs that meet at the center of it. The right screws and washers should be used to avoid damaging the glass with cracks and shattering edges. Ideally, for this design, since you are aiming at introducing elegance to your house or office, you should use a clear glass table top as compared to the obscured type.

Metal square glass coffee table

The metal square glass coffee table is a top styling and decoration idea that you can adapt to your home. A metal frame is shaped into a square and fixed with meal legs. A glass table top is then placed on the top of the square shaped frame to make a complete glass coffee table. Brass metal could be used to create the square frame where the glass table top should be fixed. The frame should be unique and painted with an attractive color that makes your living or working space look more contemporary. The homeowner should be selective of the colors they use for painting the brash square frame so that they can complement the theme of the house.

Shadowbox coffee table

A shadowbox glass coffee table is made from a wooden box which has a glass table top. The wooden box is made from hardwood in a unique design that complements your interior. The glass table top is designed in a way that it can slide either way so that you can access the items put in the box frame. The advantage of this design of the glass coffee table is that it relieves you from clustering a lot of items at the top of your table. Instead, you just need to place them inside the box and over them with the glass top. The glass top should be made from clear glass so that the items placed in the box can be viewed clearly. If you have any invaluable items in your house or office that you would like to showcase, you could consider placing them inside the shadowbox, and they can be viewed from the top of the coffee table.

Glass coffee table with a smoky tint

The glass coffee table in your living room should be the centerpiece of attraction to your visitors. Having a smoky tinted glass top is a modern trend that makes the living room look elegant and trendy. The glass coffee table top is mounted on a geometric design frame which has attractive architectural features. Having this glass table in your living room or the waiting room will make the spaces elegant and more contemporary. You can also include a colored glass instead of the smoky tinted type. The colored glass should, however, complement the theme of the house.

Rectangular glass coffee table with slated bottom

This design is made from a wooden frame and a glass top mounted on it. The frame has a slated design added to it at the bottom. The slated bottom is ideal for placing your books or magazines. The glass top can be of any design that the homeowner prefers. The glass could be plain, patterned or frosted. The glass coffee table should, however, remain elegant and stylish. The wooden stands and frame should be painted with a suitable color to give it a nice and attractive finishing. The table can then be placed in a waiting bay in the office or your living room. This will completely transform your living room into a more contemporary interior.

Open-ended Curved glass coffee table

Tempered glass is used in the design of the curved glass coffee table. It is a design that is made entirely of glass. The ends are curved to form a “C” shape which is then joined by two flat glass panels on the bottom and top side of the curve. This design is unique and can be placed in the living room or your office space. What makes it unique is the curvature that is professionally folded, tempered glass is the most suitable material to construct this type of design due to its malleability when exposed to high temperatures. The bottom of the glass table is fitted with rubber stands at 3 inches from the floor. Also, the end faces of the glass table are open, and the bottom can be used as a shelf to place books or magazines. If you are looking for a modern, trendy glass coffee table styling and decoration idea, this could be your best choice for 2019.

Dual tier glass coffee table

This design is made up of a glass table or rectangular shape with two tiers. The lower tier is fitted with a mirror which reflects upwards while the top tier acts as the top of the glass table. This type of coffee table may be useful in your common room since you may place items such as coffee cups on the lower tier while the top tier is being used as a regular table, the glass on the top tie should be tempered type to avoid damages such as scratches.

If you have been looking for Glass Coffee Table Styling and Decoration Ideas, you can execute the ones that have been included in this article. Fab glass and mirror sells a variety of glass coffee tables that would transform your living room to look more trendy and modern.