What Are The Most Common Reasons For Roof Problems?

Whether you have a big or small house, nobody will like a leaky roof or any other issues with your roof. Roof is one of the most important elements of your property and therefore you must be aware of various issues that can weaken your roof condition.

If you ever come across any kind of problem with your roof then it will be necessary to get in touch with a certain roofing company like A To Z Construction. The following are a few common roofing issues that you may often come across in your property.

1. Your flashing must have cracked

Often you may notice cracking on your roof flashing, which should be immediately sealed by applying a coat of any roofing sealant to all the nail heads. 

2. Broken shingles

This is another very common problems that can often be seen happening on the roof. In case of damaged shingle, you must pull it out and replace and secure it by using 4 nails.

3. Valleys are improperly sealed

This problem must be adressed by taking help from a professional due to its complexity and avoid making any DIY attempt. Your roofer will fix this problem by using  a leak barrier on the valley.

4. Vent booting got cracked

Often these roof vents gets cracked that can be repaired in DIY way too. However, to be safe you can take help of any pro.

5. Ice dam buildup

During the winter, you may often see formation of an ice dam that should be treated  with any ice melt product, as per manufacturer’s directions. 

6. Skylights improperly installed

Try to clear if there are any debris on the skylight and also check for cracks. Seal any cracks by using a layer of silicone along the length, if necessary. 

7. Gutters are clogged

Try to clean the gutters regularly during the fall and spring for peak flow of water in your gutter to prevent any mold or mildew formation.

8. Cracked chimney

In a few cases, you need to find the leakage source and hire a professional and get it repaired. Crack in your chimney must be done quickly if it is linked to your fireplace. 

9. Condensation found in the attic

Ensure that entire roof vents are fully clear from moisture, install a ventilation fan, if necessary. Make sure that no condensation formed that causes a leak.

10. Compromised insulation

If you start noticing that your electricity bill is increasing due to no apparent reason then perhaps your insulation of the roof is the culprit. Contact professional to check the sealings and add little more if needed.

11. Ventilation

For your roof system, ventilation is very important part because without it, there can be mold and other deterioration that take place within your home and also attic. 

12. Rodents and critters

Often rodents and various critters may take shelter on your roof and hence you must keep your roof clear from debris and clutters.

If you have experienced any of the above issues in your house then ensure that you carry out regular routine maintenance of your roof.