Fly Right Day ‘n Night: Why Your Central Coast Home Needs Flyscreens

Aussie homes have long benefited from having high quality flyscreens installed. They are the first line of defence against summer’s most contemptuous pests and instill an element of style into the home.

Let’s take a look at why flyscreens for Central Coast homes are the perfect addition.

They keep out pests!

The Australian summer, though gorgeous, is rife with insects that seem to want to escape the heat as much as we do. Flies, mosquitoes, moths, cockroaches – you name it, there are usually a couple that try and get into the home in the warmer months.

But flyscreens are named flyscreens because they do exactly that – screen out flies! A high quality flyscreen is designed to work as the ultimate barrier between the inside of your home and these unwanted nasties, with a high quality, mesh finish to certainly stop those critters from sneaking in through any gaps in the armour.

They can provide added security

Today’s flyscreens are often designed with heightened home security in mind. Their solid metal structure is one of the best ways to stop intruders from breaking into the home, and they are highly resistant to tampering.

Whilst keeping out bugs is one thing, it’s another thing to be able to keep out any unwanted intruders – flyscreens are a great option for doing just that!

They allow in a breeze

As we’ve just mentioned, flyscreens have the added ability of being able to allow a gentle breeze whilst providing added security to the home. This makes them perfect for the summer months, where balmy homeowners open up the windows but keep the flyscreen closed to let some of that cool(er) night air into the home!

This is perfect for summer as we all know how hot the days can be but how pleasant the nights are.

They allow more natural light

Typical windows and doors don’t allow in as much natural light as a well-built flyscreen. These wonderful mesh designs allow plenty of natural light to filter in through the home in a beautiful, bright tone. For homeowners who are looking for ways to allow in a fresh breeze and natural light whilst keeping out bugs and potential intruders, flyscreens are the way to go.

Safe for kids

Babies and toddlers probably shouldn’t be allowed to go waddling into the front or back yard unattended. Luckily, flyscreens are designed to allow in a cool breeze whilst stopping little ones from gaining access to the areas of the home they shouldn’t!

They are simply perfect for Aussie homes

Our summers are great for many reasons, but the influx of pests is not one of them. Whilst we love to get our windows open at night to allow a fresh breeze in, the last thing we want is to spend the night being attacked by flies and mozzies.

Flyscreens provide the ultimate protection from such unwanted guests whilst allowing plenty of breeze, light and visibility in the home. This is why they have long been a staple for homes on the Central Coast and in Australia as a whole!