Innovative Lighting From Flos

Let the beauty and technical superiority of Flos lamps fill your space with wonder

A lamp is not just a lamp. The way we choose to light up our rooms has an immense influence on how we and our guests perceive the room. Sparse light creates a mystic feel to it – we are in the dark. But if the room is well lit, covered in the warm light, there is an inviting feel to the objects, interior and the room itself.

Flos is innovation and spectacular design combined

Flos, which means flower in latin, is the marriage of beautiful lighting design and innovative thinking. The result has been, and still is, lamps that are so much more than lamps. Mostly, the lamps function as design objects, that almost just happens to shed light as well.

What in the lighting arena would be called a chandelier, is in the world of Flos leuchte a scientific wonder, often draped with a wilderness of light bulbs, wires and thoughtful details.

Glo-balls are the simplest way of light

The Glo-ball, which is one of the hallmark designs of Flos, is a sphere, that lights up the room from it’s very surface.
The Flos Glo-ball is found in a variety of styles, from the simple sphere, that can be placed as a decorative lighting source on the office table, to ceiling Glo-balls, that that create a spectacular landscape of moons in the ceiling of larger rooms.

Organic formations and sharp lines

The spheric theme is recognizable throughout the Floss collections, as it is the purest form of light that we know: The shape of the sun and the moon. Floor lamps from Flos can be found, with just a sharp, metal rod and a moon-like sphere balancing on the top.