5 Ideas for Using the Pelican Chair as an Accent Piece

Accent furniture is the kind of furniture that is placed in a room to add contrast – any sort of contrast; be it shapely, color oriented, or even patterned oriented. It’s usually introduced to break the monotony of a matchy-matchy space, and what better way to do that then by using the Pelican chair? It’s a pieces designed specifically to articulate contrast of any kind and its quirky design makes it perfectly suited for all types of contemporary arrangements. Here are 5 ideas you can take inspiration from in this aspect:

A cluster seating option

If you’ve got a space that has been designed in neutral themes or achromatic colors, then you can break its monotony by arranging a cluster of Pelican chairs in the center. Take a look at this image: the surroundings are all done in fifty shades of beige with a topping of white, so the eclectic arrangement of green, navy blue, and sky blue upholstered Pelican chairs in the center creates an interesting contrast the saves the space from coming off as dull or boring.

Shapely is the best

Shape oriented contrast is added in spaces that have a very conventional ambiance – i.e. featuring typical colors, conventional materials, and a would-be tired outlook. Using different shapes in such spaces elevates the ambiance, which is why the Pelican chair would be a great addition to them. The pair of lavender upholstered Pelican armchairs placed at the periphery of this living room add some awesome accents to the warm-hued surroundings they’re placed in.

Orientation matters

When it comes to a single accent piece, its location, placement, and orientation matters a lot. You can’t just set it up in at a random point and call it a day. You’ll need to carefully deliberate where it’ll complement the other furniture pieces the most. Here’s a thumb rule: placing accent chairs at an angle looks the best. If you take a look at the living room layout in this image, you’ll see how the Pelican chair has been set up at a very deliberate angle – this is exactly how you do it!

Highlight backdrops

The background is an important aspect of any interior design, but leaving it as it is without any embellishment is a big no. For example, what does a plain white wall have to offer to the overall aesthetic of a room if it’s not adorned with some artwork. Similarly, different types of backdrops need varying decorative treatments. You can take inspiration from the bold red Pelican chair set in front of the window view backdrop in this image. The dull green and black frame would have looked boring has it not been for the vivid upholstery and interesting shape of the chair.

Merged with other furniture

Using a single style of furniture throughout a single space – especially when it features an open-floor plan – can be a total visual nightmare. You need to get eclectic with your choices to arrange a dynamic aesthetic. You can use the Pelican chair to spice up your couch layout, so that the overall style doesn’t seem very monotonous and uninspired. The set-up in this image is a great example!

There’s unparalleled potential for the Pelican chair to spice up any interior design with its great accenting ability, and we hope these 5 ideas help you get started!